The Internet of Things Club (under ECE Department) is where you can find the information around The Internet of Things. The club provides every detail to its members, from news and ideas where the IoT can take us to examples from everyday applications. The internet of Things Club can be defined as a place open to everyone and everything.
Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging technology that allows establishing a network with devices and systems to connect and exchange data using the internet. The IoT-enabled products are equipped with processing ability, sensors, software, and other technologies for data exchange.
We often come across real-life examples that define IoT more simply. For example, smart homes work on IoT technology. IoT enables you to operate all the connected equipment like lights, fans, AC, refrigerators, etc., from anywhere using the internet. This technology has revolutionized the way we live.
As far as the growth of IoT is concerned, this technology is sure to rule in the future. It is anticipated to touch the market worth of USD 106.1 by 2026. These overwhelming figures testify that IoT will produce a sea of job opportunities in the future.   
Aim and Objectives
The Club shall have the following objectives:
·        Provide awareness to the faculties and students about the cutting edge technologies in the area of IoT.
·        Promote and support enthusiastic students for the development of IoT applications.
·        Identify research opportunities in IoT technology, applications and services. 
·        Form a student’s community including business, communication, embedded systems, information systems, and software, with a focus on challenges in IoT issues.