Er. Rama Narayan Sabat
I am delighted to invite you to the Gandhi Institute of ExcellentTechnocrats (GIET),Ghangapatana , Bhubaneswar.
This growing,dynamic institution is filled with curious students and innovative faculty and i am privileged to be part of this GIET,Ghangapatana which is on a tremendous upward trajectory and i am Committed to carry it to a pinnacle.
one of the many things that we are proud of is its diverse and prestigious faculty.
These educators understand that engineering is not only about technology,it is also about people.
It is my pleasure toserve as the Vice-Chairman of GIET,Ghangapatana.I look forward to meet many new faces in the coming months as we begin to craft a plan for our future achivements.
I hope you will join as we help shape GIET into a world-class institution.