Preamble: Examination being the solemn activity the office bearers are required to perform their duties with complete sincerity upholding their highest principles so that all examinees are provided with equal and fair opportunity of performance.
1.     Please check your particulars printed on the PART I of the OMR Sheet and if any discrepancy are found in Name, Registration Number and Subject Code, please bring into the notice of the Centre Superintendent or Invigilator.
2.     You have to sign in the box specified in Part I, after verifying the particulars.
3.     You are prohibited from writing on or tampering the Barcodes & OMR sheets as they may be affect marks allotted to you.
4.     Answer scripts with tampered barcodes & OMR sheets will not be valued.
5.     Don not use sketch pen while answering questions as it may inadverntly tamper the Barcodes / OMR sheets.
6.     Subject code and Serial no. of last page of the Answer Book up to which the answers are written should be entered at the specified place of Part II & III.
7.     The Page used for Rough work may be indicated on the top as “ROUGH”.
8.     Check the Answer Book thoroughly before filling in the details. If there is a defective answer book it must be reported to the invigilator.
9.     Please check the details of your particulars in the Part I of OMR Sheet. i.e. Name, Registration No., Examination, Subject and Subject Code.
10.  Ensure that the OMR Barcode sheet is properly secured to the Answer Booklet given.
11.You are prohibited from writing on or tampering the Barcodes as they may affect marks allotted to you.
12.  Candidates are prohibited from:
i.     Writing their Registration no. in any part of the answer booklet.
ii.    Writing their names in any part of the answer booklet.
iii.    Addressing the examiners in any manner whatsoever in the answer booklet. If they do so, their answers will not be valued.
iv.    Bringing Cell Phones/Mobile Phones and programmable calculators.
v.     Putting any distinguishing mark, religious or any other symbol anywhere in the Answer Booklet.
13. This Answer Book contains 48 pages. Use only one Answer Book for all your answers. No additional Answer Books/sheets  shall  be issued.
14. Answer to any questions must be done at one place.
15. Answer should be written on both sides of the papers except this cover page.
16. Donot write in the margins.
17. Candidates are not allowed to leave the Examination Hall during the first hour from the commencement of the Examination.
18. Candidates are not permitted to talk with each other in the Examination hall. No one should try to give help to others or try to  seek any help from others inside or outside the Examination hall.
19.  Candidates are not allowed to write anything on the question paper except the Registration no. at the specified place in the  course of Examination.
20.  Violation of any of the rules mentioned above by the candidates will render him liable of expulsion from the Examination hall  and imposition of any penalty as deemed fit by the University.
21. The Answer Booklet should be returned to the invigilator before leaving the Examination hall.
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