The Department of Computer Science was established in the year 2009 and is one of the earliest Computer Science & Engineering departments in the country. Currently, it has 12 faculty members and over 200 students working towards their Bachelor’s, Degree Courses. In addition, it actively participates in select off-campus programmes.
The department attracts high quality students from all over India and has an impressive placement record. Many of graduates choose to join some of the best institutions of higher learning around the world, whereas some prefer to gain a few years of work experience before deciding their next course of action.
One of the strengths of the department is its strong entrepreneurial culture and many students have successfully involved themselves in creating entrepreneurial ventures some of which have gone fully commercial within a short span of time. While some such students benefit from the on-campus Technology Business Incubator provided by the Institute, some others choose to create virtual organizations to keep the costs low and later move onto the regular business models.
In the recent past, The Department of Computer Science offers programs of study related to computing, information technology and software design and application. Our programs involve interdepartmental, multi-institutional and inter-institutional collaboration and have attracted faculty members, undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world.
The Department of Computer Science was founded by people who had a vision. This vision was how computer science would fit into the unique spirit of Yale University, an institution oriented to an unusual degree around undergraduate education and close interdepartmental collaboration. The Department has always had close ties to mathematics and engineering, but has increasingly experienced collaborations with other disciplines important to Yale, including psychology, linguistics, economics, business, statistics, music, medicine, physics and more. It is through these collaborations that the importance of computer science in a broader sense is best appreciated. 
INTAKE :180 Seats
Lab Facilities :
  1. C and C++ lab
  2. Java Programming lab.
  3. DBMS lab.
  4. Operating System lab.
  5. Software Engineering lab.
  6. Computer Architecture lab.
  7. Computer Networking lab.
  8. System Programming lab.
  9. Web Technology lab.
  10. Compiler Design Lab.
  11. Finite Language And Automata Theory Lab.